Drive Quality Traffic to your Website

website trafficGoogle+ may have been a bit late to the party, the social media party, but lots of people are using it to drive quality traffic to their websites.  If you are a fellow business owner who is interested in driving more traffic to your website, there are a few key areas you may want to focus on to get your desired results.  Here are a few ways you can start building traffic.

Update your Profile on a Regular Basis

If you are a blogger, remember to update a link to your latest blog posts.  Update your profile to reflect new information about you or your business.  This will send the message to others that you are serious about building your Google+ community.  Anything that you would posts to other websites, remember to post to your Google+ Business Page.

Create your Circles

One of the benefits of Google+ is that you can create different circles.  Suppose you want to have a personal friends and family circle separate from your business circle?  You can have multiple circles for your associations, coworkers, business, personal, etc.  Be sure to use appropriate messages for the different circles.

Only Share Pertinent Information

Don’t share information about subjects you aren’t proficient in.  Remember you want to drive traffic to your site, so remain focused by only sharing knowledge or resources about things related to your field of expertise.  The more relevant you are, the more others will value the information you share and this increases the chance that they will venture to your website.

Become the Expert in your Field

Go the extra mile and initiate your own hangouts.  Your goal is to become known as the expert.  What do you know from your experience that could help others.  You do more than serve your product or service, you can offer great advice and share your expertise.  This will establish you as a source for those who are currently in your circles or to those searching for your resources.

Fill Out your Profile Completely

You may be wondering why I mentioned something as basic as filling out your profile completely, but surprisingly this is often overlooked.  Your profile information should be the highest priority before you attempt to network and build your circles.  Your profile information is the most important thing visitors are coming to look at.  Make sure visitors to your profile receive all of the information you can give them such as your web address and/or other social media profiles.

Don’t be dismayed if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with building your online presence through Social Media.  Over time you will find your own rhythm and in the meantime, enjoy meeting new people and the trickle of new traffic to your website.

Do you have any tips & tricks that have worked for you with Google+?  Please share.