Video Marketing

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video marketing

YouTube & Ustream Production & Management Services

When most people think of YouTube, most likely they think of bootleg clips of Epic Movie or people taking ice baths on a dare.

Benefits to using Youtube

  • Rising through the ranks. Now that Google owns YouTube, there’s the added benefit that a video on YouTube automatically goes into Google’s search engine. Videos tend to catapult to the head of the line. It’s a great way to increase your site visibility in the rankings.
  • Spare your own site the bandwidth drain of streaming video. For some companies, generating new business or exposure via YouTube may be low priority. However, some are finding it’s a great place to park video clips using YouTube’s bandwidth with a simple link from the corporate site.
  • Create your own channel and customer base. Anytime you post a video, YouTube creates what is called a profile channel. Viewers can subscribe to that channel. Businesses can then send out e-mails to those subscribers.

YouTube Production Services include

  • Custom Channel layout design
  • Streaming Video Production
  • Slide Show Production
  • Keyword Research
  • Video Traffic Web Analytics
  • Comment & Network on your behalf (joining communities on YouTube)

We specialize in designing and developing custom YouTube Channels. Your video channel can feature a custom design and layout or can be consistent with your website.

Our goal for each project is simple, we want to take your ideas and your vision to the next level. Get the most of your marketing campaigns with a professional looking design and efficient project management.

Podcast Production & Marketing Services

So what is an audio podcast? Simply put it’s an mp3 file that can be downloaded from a web page either directly or by RSS Feed. The term podcasting is a word made out of combining two words: iPod and Broadcasting. However you don’t need an iPod to listen to podcasts. At the same time one of the really great things about podcast is you can download them to your iPod or Mp3 player and take them with you and listen to them when you have time. You don’t have to set in front of your computer to listen to podcasts. It’s just that iPods became popular about the same time podcasting became popular.

Podcast Production Services include

  • Scripting
    We start with your concept or generate a list for you. We know when to let the conversation take its natural course and when to write every word.
  • Voice Talent
    Cool, hot, hip, hyped. Whatever your series demands, we have access to that sound. And we manage the details so you don’t have to.
  • Music Soundtracks
    create moods. Digi Companies matches music to mood and message.
  • Graphics
    To be heard, first you have to catch someone’s eye. We design cover art for your iTunes listing, custom players for your website and landing pages
  • Directory Submission
    Digi Companies ensures that prospects and customers can find your podcast in all the right places: iTunes, Yahoo Podcast, Odeo, Podcast Pickle, Podcasting News and other directory outlets.
  • Optimization
    Digi Companies optimizes your content so search engines can “hear” it too and promote your message.

Streaming Video Meetings & Presentations

We provide support for your online meetings and presentations .  Please contact us for a quote.


For a quote click here, call 407-454-1575, or email us.

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